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The Bendy Brand

Bendy Kate Backwarmer - light green galaxy

449,00 kr

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The Bendy Brand Back warmer will become an essential part of your gym wardrobe. By retaining warmth in your back before, during and after training, the backwarmer ensures that your back is continually supported. Retaining warmth in your back allows the muscles to relax, avoiding any potential strain or injury during your training.

Suitable for pole, aerial, gymnastics, dance and more, the Bend Brand Back warmer is a revolutionary product that will allow you more freedom within your training and workouts. For training you can either take it off or simply fold it down. Then, put it back on for your cool down to keep the spine warmer for longer after training. This reduces the risk of DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) and injury!

  • Color: Light green galaxy
  • Double layered sports lycra
  • Tight fit and tailored cut to act as a second skin
S 24/25 29/30
M 27/28 32/33
L 31/32 36/37